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Donating much-needed funds in support of America’s bravest is a responsibility we all must share. By supporting the Veterans Donation Depot, you are helping to ensure that veterans and their families have the knowledge and services needed to become more productive members of society.

We understand that it can be a challenging task determining which veterans organization to support. The Veterans Donation Depot removes all the guesswork. Your donation dollars go further and reaches many worthy veterans organization – not just one...View The Organizations We Support. We work for the common cause and interest of many veteran organizations, both locally and nationally, in an effort to effectively achieve meaningful, sustainable results.

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3 Ways To Make A Donation
1. Cash Donations
You may make an online donation via credit card payment through our website. All transactions are secure and greatly appreciated!

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2. Gifts That Give Back Program
You can now make a life changing contribution by donating a special "Gift" to the Veterans Donation Depot. Although we love receiving cash donations, there are many generous Americans who are not in the financial position to donate cash. The "Gifts That Give Back" program keeps the spirit of giving alive. Anyone can now donate unwanted watches, estate items, gold and silver jewelry - anything of value that can be easily shipped and received via US postal service.

We are asking everyone, from all walks of life, to support our troops by donating at least one unwanted item of "reasonable value". Your gift could be an out-of-style watch that has been resting quietly in a dresser drawer for years, or, an old gold ring that no longer fits your finger. Whatever the reason, give that unwanted item new life by donating it today. Each item donated will be posted online for auction sale on the Veterans Donation Depot website, with the proceeds going to support the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much in defense of our great nation.

Additionally, we want to learn more about why you are donating the item you selected. Heartfelt stories of interest will be posted online for others to experience and appreciate. Sending a "Gift That Gives Back", along with a meaningful message, confirms to our troops - "We Truly Do Care!"

Our current and past military personnel have donated their time and their lives for the freedoms we all now comfortably enjoy here in America. Please take a moment to print and complete the donation form and show your support. Donate a small slice of your time and a "Gift That Gives Back". This is your opportunity to honor those brave men and women who have valiantly served in America's Armed Forces.

We are on a mission to help all veterans across America. Let the Veterans Donation Depot become your “charity of choice” so that we can continue to brighten the lives of veterans and their families through charitable outreach.

NOTE: For economic reasons, all non-cash donations must be in the form of a "quality" personal item valued at more than $100.00.

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3. Celebrity Auction Donations
This is the Veterans Donation Depot's annual fundraising event of the year. Our "Celebrity Auction" takes place during the entire month of November to commemorate Veterans Day and all those who served.

The general public will now have an opportunity to purchase and own a quality item donated by a Celebrity of interest. Proceeds from all sales provide ongoing financial support for “The Patriot Soil Project ” and other local and national non-profit veteran organizations.

Celebrity Donation items come from actors of screen and TV, professional sports figures, local and national politicians, presidents of small to large corporations, popular bands and members, accomplished artists, and any other high profile person or organization interested in supporting America’s bravest.
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